for living and loving my best life!

Meet Miriam

Miriam Byrne, Bach of Hum. Ec (F&N) is a business leader, nutritionist, transition catalyst, mom and social entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire people to live and love their best life using a “whole person” coaching approach. She has extensive experience consulting with organizational leaders having worked with Fortune 500 companies, government and Education on execution, leadership, communication and productivity and has 25+ years experience in the network marketing and direct selling profession.

She owned two distinctly different businesses; Gourmet Specialty Products and created a successful philanthropic project "Crews at Work, a Social Entrepreneurship that provided training and employment for adults with acquired brain injury to work in a “crew” environment. In 2014, reflecting her passionate belief in giving back to the community, Miriam and 5 friends, co-founded 100+ Women Victoria, a group dedicated to gathering women 4X a year to raise money for local charities with $300,000 raised in 12 meetings to date with no admin. expenses.

Miriam’s foundational principles and values are what compel her to help others truly live and love their best life.